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Used in acidizing or low pH fluids to control solubilized iron in the presence of asphaltenes, thus reducing the risk of iron/asphaltene induced sludge. 


An iron reducing agent which is compatible with most additives and surfactant packages used in acidizing. It is most effective in HCl Acid solutions of HCl concentrations and is very stable at moderate temperatures of 250 degrees F plus without any physical degradation to the chemical properties. 


One of the more cost-effective iron controlling agents used in the industry when com-pared to ppm ferric reduced. Typically reduces 100 ppm ferric iron to ferrous iron on contact in an acid environment.  


Has a recommended loading schedule of 1 to 8 GPT, and is based on expected iron concentration, crude oil type during the acidizing treatment. It is recommended to test the acid and oil in combination with the iron to determine the proper loading schedule.

Iron Reducer (IRA-250)

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