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DTSR is dedicated to helping the OIL & GAS Industry thrive at its fullest. We bring operators and service companies closer together by working directly with operators to understand their needs for upcoming and existing projects. Here at DTSR we understand that the way wells are being drilled & produced is changing drastically and we are committed to keeping up with these changes.

Whether you're looking to drill a well, need tools for a project, funding, financing, factoring or trying to buy or sell your product or company, DTSR is here to help make it happen. 


With DTSR you'll gain access to the endless opportunities our team creates by working diligently with Operators that understand the OIL & GAS Industry & its demands.

Our Mission

To provide the resources needed to complete all Oil & Gs projects timely and profitably to maximize value.

Our Vision

To build a unique Oilfield world centered on value, honesty and integrity, in which companies collaborate to produce the most worthwhile and productive outcomes while fostering a positive and thriving environment for the Oil and Gas Sector.

Company Values


At DTSR Project Solutions we are guided by values passed down through generations by the sweat, blood, & tears from Hard Working ,Honest men with Integrity.

Hard work, Honesty, & Integrity

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