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Lightning Protection Systems

Dinnteco International S.L. is a company that specializes in the design, manufacture, and commercialization of lightning protection systems. Their products are custom-made for all sectors, and they have a wide network of distributors with a presence in 37 countries. They have installed more than 8,000 devices in 12 different market sectors. We are a proud Level II Distributor and partner. 

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DDCE 50 plus

Protect your structures from the impact of lightning with DDCE 50 Plus! This advanced protection system provides up to a 50m radius of coverage, meeting all regulatory requirements for optimal safety. With its atmospheric discharge and electromagnetic protection features designed specifically for ground structures, you can ensure maximum security - no matter where you are. Get peace of mind knowing an extra layer is shielding against any potential disaster brought on by Mother Nature's fury!


DDCE Marine

Protect your marine vessels with the revolutionary DDCE Marine - a passive system designed to capture and control electrostatic charges. Its sophisticated operating principle keeps variable electric fields from generating upward tracers, providing valuable protection for any kind of off-shore vessel! Trust in this cutting-edge technology today.


DDCE 100 plus UL

Get the ultimate protection from lightning with DDCE 100 plus UL! This innovative system will absorb up to 60%-90% of PEM, shielding both you and your precious structures in its effective range of up to 100 m.. Strict regulations are followed for maximum safety assurance – so when it comes to thunderstorms, make sure you're protected!


DDCE 100 plus

Keep your structures and surroundings safe from lightning strikes with the DDCE 100 Plus protection system, an advanced system that offers exceptional electromagnetic pulse absorption between 60-90%. With a large coverage area of up to 100 m when regulatory requirements are met, this reliable defense is ideal for safeguarding all types of ground based constructions.


DDCE Chemical

Protect your electrical installations and structures from the destruction caused by lightning strikes with our advanced protection system! It effectively absorbs PEM waves, so that you can enjoy up to 60%-90% minimized damage. And don't worry if you're in a saline or corrosive environment - DDCE chemical ensures maximum coverage of 100 m radius within regulatory requirements.


dinfil filter

Prepare yourself for protection with the amazing DNNFT model dinfil ground filter! This unique and effective system is designed to guard against high frequency surges induced by earth, such as those from atmospheric discharges, electromagnetic pulses and other sources. Don't let your structures be at risk - get the dinfil today and enjoy peace of mind knowing you're safe against any high-reactance threats.


dinco connector

The Dinco Connector protection element from the DNNF model is a must-have for all installations that are vulnerable to high frequency disturbances caused by natural and manmade sources. This device helps in mitigating any disruptions, preserving both safety and reliability of your systems!

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