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We work directly with service companies that are ready to meet Operators demands in the Oil & Gas industry. Additionally, DTSR works directly with Operators to understand their needs for upcoming and existing projects. DTSR matches service companies, tools, equipment etc., to Operators specific needs for every project ensuring you get exactly what is needed the first time at reasonable rates. If saving money on your operation and receiving services that bring you success is important then give our team a call. You will be glad you did!!

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Getting Started

Keeping up with the fluctuations of the oil field industry and staying ahead of your competitors requires cash/funding. While operating an oil and gas operation can be lucrative, adequate funding is required to maintain your business’ long-term financial health. We fully understand the challenges and the volatile nature of the industry so we work closely with lenders to help you obtain the funding required to keep your business moving.


Over the course of our 25+ year industry experience, we have worked with every sector in the oil and gas industry and made many valuable connections that we can bring to your business. Our goal is to make getting started easy. We can help your business connect with lenders that for all of your financing and funding needs.

Invoice factoring

Traditional lending can have long wait times and strict requirements to meet. We can connect you with a reputable factoring company to sell your outstanding invoices in exchange for quick working capital. Invoice factoring provides financial stability for long-term growth giving you a quicker cash solution.

Working Capital

Keeping your business projects running smoothly requires a significant cash outlay. Having adequate cash-flow is essential. Securing business capital quickly is vital to your business’ ability to build clientele, bid on projects, and expand. We work to provide you fast and flexible options for funding with our trusted industry lenders.

Business Loans

We understand the industry and the fact that your business needs might vary from others. We work closing with lending companies that can provide the appropriate financing options for your business. Whether your business requires funds for recompletions, workover, midstream projects, acquisition of oil & gas assets, or a line of credit for development & acquisition projects, we help meet your financing needs. 

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DTSR works with Oil and Gas Industry Engineering and Consulting Firms to ensure Operators get the team with the correct knowledge on their specific need for upstream, midstream, and downstream projects, our teams are ready to execute with absolute success!! ​DTSR provides a full-service experience and the most innovative solutions for your oil and gas projects. 


One company. Many solutions. 


Renting from DTSR is the best way to get all your rental needs met. We offer products, tools & equipment for Drilling, completions, & Production with seamless coordination between them!

DTSR is here to help Operators with products, equipment, services and tools for Oil & Gas projects. We fully understand that these endeavors can be complex, so we're happy in the role of assisting you by providing a quality service at competitive prices!

Whether you're a small or large company, we have the resources to meet your needs. We offer an unmatched selection of equipment for rent and sale as well expert guidance throughout every project phase from planning all the way through completion!

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your next oil and gas project.

Equipment Purchase

We offer a variety of equipment available for purchase from upstream, midstream to downstream. Tools that are perfect in any industry such as drilling or surface-related tasks with their wide range and high quality standards guaranteed. We have all the tools you need to get your job done, no matter what industry it is in. Whether upstream or downstream of any type - drilling tasks are perfect for us!

  We offer a variety of products & equipment available for purchase ranging from fluids, downhole tools machinery and much more. There's nothing our team can't handle- let us help make your project more efficient today by contacting us to get started.

No matter what your project needs, we've got you covered!  You can start by contacting one of our experts for a free quote on any equipment that's right up to date with today’s standards. We offer products ranging from upstream machining and ending at downstream processing - there is nothing out tech team cannot handle so let us help make sure every step in between goes smoothly by giving them an opportunity now before its too late!

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