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Midstream Services

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DTSR offers a wide range of options to help operators plan, execute, and monitor completions successfully. As a result, DTSR is the perfect partner for operators looking to streamline completions and re-completions of oil well projects.


(432) 232 1315

Well Bore Intervention

DTSR's Wellbore Intervention Services provide you with the experience and expertise to safely enter any well for the purpose of conducting a number of tasks including completions/re-completions, re-entries, coil tubing, thru-tubing, drill outs, fishing, remedial, P&A, and much more. In addition, our services can be customized to meet the specific needs of your project. We offer comprehensive project management and engineering, Whether you need assistance for a small-scale development project or a large-scale offshore drilling operation, DTSR can provide you with the tools you need.


(432) 232-1315

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