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The patented 7501TM Dissolvable Frac Plug from Shale Oil Tools combines the latest in dissolvable metal technology and innovative design to deliver a frac plug that can be deployed downhole reliably and dissolve predictably so that operators can improve their completion efficiencies.


FEATURES & BENEFITS • Brine & freshwater material options • Can be configured to run ball-in-place or drop ball • Each part is “metallurgically tuned” for its intended purpose • Short, compact design facilitates fast pump down • Single slip design minimizes material and slip buttons • Sets on industry standard setting tools


7501TM PLUG "BESTS" • Set-to-frac/frac duration/pressure hold times = 24 hrs./4 hrs./116 hrs. • Ball landing rate = 40 bpm • Run-in/Pump down rates = 750 fpm Horizontal/22 bpm horizontal • Treating pressure differential/rate = 10,500 psi/100 bpm

7501™ Dissolvable Frac Plug

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