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DESCRIPTION The patent pending Atlas DP™ dissolvable packer from Shale Oil Tools provides temporary wellbore pressure isolation required for the installation of tubing, ESPs, gas lift and or other production equipment. Unlike traditional retrievable production packers, the Atlas DP™ allows you to set your production equipment deep into the curve to access larger hydrocarbon reservoirs for a more reliable and steady production.

FEATURES • Integral pump-out plug provides pressure barrier from below until expended • Once expended, well can be produced through the packer bore • Both packer and pump-out plug fully dissolve during production • 8,000 psi pressure rating from below • Up to 5,000 psi pressure rating from above (configurable via shear pins) • Brine & freshwater material options • Sets using a wireline or hydraulic setting tool

BENEFITS • Improve production by setting production equipment at greater depths to access larger hydrocarbon reservoirs • Save money by eliminating costly packer fluids, packer hardware and the future cost of a packer retrieval trip • No need to circulate packer fluid to protect a packer

Atlas Dissolvable Packer

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