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Varel’s Target® series bits are available in both open bearing and sealed bearing configurations. All Target bits are equipped with patented High Energy Tumbled (HET™) inserts and patented EdgeGuard® shirttail protection, which directly addresses the critical wear area in drilling applications, significantly increasing bit life and driving down the cost of drilling projects.


Tungsten ____________Carbide _________Leading __________Edge _____ - Inserts are placed along the leading edge of the shirttail providing additional wear resistance in abrasive applications.


EdgeGuard _____________ - Varel’s patented EdgeGuard® tungsten carbide microshields are placed along the leading and lower edges of the shirttail to significantly reduce leg wear and provide maximum downhole protection.


AMP ______ - Varel’s Advanced Modeling Package (AMP) is a virtual drilling simulator for roller cone bit designs utilizing formation information generated from GeoScience™ and bit cutting structure designs from RC Pro. It will predict how effective the cutting structure is at drilling the rock based on input drilling parameters and variables from the bit designer. It can simulate drilling in oil and gas or mining situations giving the engineering team the capability to approximate ROP and cutting structure life in different formations and operating conditions. AMP allows Varel to provide solutions for your drilling challenges.

Bit Type UT34F

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