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Designed for the removal of calcium sulfate and salt buildup. Its unique qualities separate it from other removal techniques used in the industry that require a conversion of calcium sulfate to an acid soluble scale followed by acidizing.  It is an excellent product for annular applications for the removal of calcium sulfate crystalline structures that are known to have growth around the tubular goods making it almost impossible to pull or retrieve the pipe. 


Designed to work in an optimum time of as little as 4 to 6 hours in environments with low bottom hole temperatures where thermals are not adequate enough to aid in a sufficient removal of calcium sulfate build-up. 


It can be used as a pre-soak before stimulation treatments, such as acidizing and/or fracturing. This method is used to remove any crystalline structures that may be obstructing the formation, thus preparing the formation face so that optimized performance can be expected from the acid and/or fracturing stimulation procedure. 


Used to circulate wells by pumping via the tubing or via the casing to remove calcium sulfate deposition that may have accumulated in the near well-bore area and the pump area. This technique cleans and prepares the tubular goods prior to moving in workover rigs. 


Calcium Sulfate Remover (CSR-2002)

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