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An effective lower cost, water soluble, environmentally acceptable hydration suppressant designed to reduce the dispersion and swelling of reactive clays. The material effectively inhibits “gumbo” clays from hydrating and minimizes the potential of formation damage. The product is effective in most water base fluids in both weighted and unweighted systems without adverse effects on chemical properties. 


KCl Substitute can be added directly to any fresh water, sea water or saltwater system. No special mixing or high shear is required for maximum performance. The product affects only reactive clays that have not yet yielded. For maximum performance it is recommended to pretreat. Normal concentrations will be .5 to 2 gpt depending on clay sensitivity.



• An effective hydration suppressant in most water base systems. 

• Temperature stable in excess of 300°F. 

• Does not adversely affect mud properties. 

• Mixes easily, is environmentally safe, and can be discharged both onshore and offshore.

Clay Stabilizer (KCl Substitute)

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