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A corrosion inhibitor, biocide, and oxygen scavenger developed to protect coiled tubing as well as stick pipe for the prevention of attacks from atmospheric conditions to stimulation products through tubulars such as acids, high brines etc. It has been very helpful in the preservation of the tubulars by having a biocide to keep the metallurgy intact and prevent pitting caused by microbes. 


Highly dispersible in fresh water and most KCl Water concentrations. 


Designed to be used neat at the beginning of the job by spearheading 5 gallons down the tubing to give proper coverage and can be used continually at a rate of 1 gallon of CP-330 mixed with 9 gallons fresh water. 


Recommended at the end of the job as a final flush through the tubing to protect the coiled tubing and/or stick pipe to help in the preservation of the pipe as well as applying some product to the outside of the pipe. 

Coil Pack Corrosion Inhibitor (CP-330)

SKU: PPC02212303
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