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A patented clear breakable gel that can be mixed on the fly and adjusted to any desired viscosity or pre-mixed in totes for use as a diverter and then broken back to the viscosity of water with no detectable residue, thus reducing the chance of plugged pore throats and lost permeability. 


Has its optimum diversion at a range of 140 to 180 cps, thus slowing down rate of penetration unlike bio-balls, benzoic acid flakes or even rock salt which add to the cost of completion of the well to remove them, not to mention the potential damage left behind. 


Has superior gel strength and stability at extreme temperatures, thus giving excellent carrying capabilities. It also is an excellent material to use in between acid stages as a diverter. It slows down penetration of fluids and creates diversion and is easily broken with a lower pH fluid and/or from formation ionic exchange with chlorides, calcium, magnesium, etc. Diverter Gel is not shear-sensitive and leaves the formation extremely water wet and aids in the recovery of fluids. 


Excels with a wider range of pH from 6 to 10.5 with no effects from bacteria. 


Environmentally safe product that mixes easily into fresh water without fear of fisheyes, and develops viscosity within seconds with minimum shear rates, rather than 15 minutes to an hour or even longer. 


Has uses as a gravel pack fluid, diverter, drilling fluid, frac fluid, pigging fluid and sweeps for coiled tubing and pipelines. 

Diverter Gel 2Diverter Gel 2.75

SKU: PPC02212306
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