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A starch-based rheology modifier. Fluids formulated with Gel Sweep exhibit rheological properties that are useful in a wide variety of oil & gas well environments. Gel Sweep fluids are very durable under high shear conditions, can tolerate a very wide pH range, have a tolerance for electrolytes, and can withstand temperatures up to 150oC. 


Because Gel Sweep fluids can develop high viscosities at low shear rates and a low apparent viscosity at high shear rates, it is very effective in drilling, workover, completion, spotting, spacer, pigging, and milling fluids. 



• Fann-35 at 600rpm >70 

• Fann-35 at 300rpm >55 

• Fann-35 at 200rpm >45 

• Fann-35 at 100rpm >35 

• Fann-35 at 6rpm >18 

• Fann-35 at 3rpm >16 

• Loss on Drying <15 

• Particle Size thru 42 Mesh >92% 


Typically, Gel Sweep is used at a concentration of 2-5 kg/m3 for use as a drilling, workover, or completion fluid. At these concentrations, Gel Sweep fluids exhibit rheological properties that allow for suspension of solids under very low shear rates, but lower viscosities at high shear rates for ease of application.

Gel Sweep (Poly-Zan)

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