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MWD kits available for rent. We can customize a kit based on your needs.

All kits include:
-Spare consumable parts including battery connectors, surface pressure hand pumps.
-Spare cables. Spare surface system components, downlink boxes, receiver boxes, spare laptops, all surface peripheral items for your systems.
-Spare surface system components, 10 cases for transmitter barrels, sensor barrels and battery barrels.
​-Gas sub protectors with lifting caps.
​-Spare parts/consumables.
-Gun cases hold 2 transmitters and 2 sensors (string components) for safe travel.

Available components and systems:
​-Sensors: XXT, Noralus, 
​-Pulsers: Telemetrics, Benchtree, Rime
​-Gamma: Detech

Contact us for more details and pricing information.
​Tel: (432) 232-1662

MWD Kits

SKU: PPMWD022123
Call for details (432) 232-1662
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