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A blend of aromatic solvents combined with penetrants and dispersants designed for the removal of heavy paraffin/asphaltene deposits as well as heavy hydrocarbon-based sludge. 


Excellent for the removal of damage created by hot oiling. This system is designed to address the tighter more complex carbon chains after the light ends have been stripped away by means of extreme heat. 


Has been designed to work in low bottom hole temperatures and sub-sea pipelines, where thermals are not adequate enough to aid most aromatics in a sufficient removal of paraffin/asphaltene build-up. 


Can be used as a pre-soak before stimulation treatments, such as acidizing and/or fracturing. This method is used to remove any hydrocarbons that may be plating out on the formation, thus preparing the formation face so that optimized performance can be expected from the acid and/or fracturing stimulation procedure. 


Has been used to circulate wells by pumping down the tubing or via the casing to re-move paraffin/asphaltene deposits. This technique cleans and prepares the tubular goods prior to moving in workover rigs.

Paraffin/Asphaltene System (PA-721)

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