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Voodoo Glue is a highly effective, self degrading matrix diverting agent designed for application in low temperature formations. It is proven to successfully block interstitial formation fractures, whereby redirecting and encouraging stimulation fluid to generate additional fracture propagations. Voodoo glue is also an effective lost circulation material that can be used to maintain consistent, predictable return rates during frac plug drill-out operations in low-pressure wells.



  • Encourages fracture complexity and optimizes stimulated reservoir volume Suitable for use with fresh and produced water
  • Tolerant to acids (e.g. hydrochloric, acetic) and oxidizing breakers (e.g . sodium chlorite, sodium hypochlorite, ammonium persulfate, and hydrogen peroxide)
  • Minimally abrasive to fluid end components on high-pressure pumps Non-ionic, non-hazardous & environmentally friendly

Voodoo Glue-Matrix Diverting Agent

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