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Voodoo Sweep is the latest and greatest in wellbore clean-out solutions. With Ascendant, you will be able to take care of your Completion processes with a Faster, Smarter, and More Reliable product than ever before!


Voodoo Sweep is a modified, organic polymer blend specifically processed to be able to accommodate both drilling and completion fluids, as well as being used in cleanup sweeps. Unlike most of the standard and popular celluloses and gums (I.E. HEC, xanthan, guar, etc.), Voodoo Sweep possesses better filtrate loss capabilities, increases suspension of heavier solids, and has quick dissolution in both fresh and brine water, shortening critical down time for mixing.


  • Reduce Fluid loss
  • Reduce work-string torque
  • Clean Wellbores More Efficiently and Economically
  • Better filtrate loss capabilities
  • Increases suspension of heavier solids
  • Quick dissolution in both fresh and brine water

Voodoo Sweep-Wellbore Cleanout Agent

Call for details (432) 232-1662
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